Crossing Borders

The United States border was recently closed because of immigrants trying to enter the States for shelter. They were treated like animals by border control and chased away with pepper mace and rubber bullets. Central Americans wanted a peaceful entrance into the country and only wanted to seek asylum from the wars breaking out within their countries. The immigrants faced the same situation as Anzaldúa in Borderlands because they felt the rejection from society. Watching the country I was born in deny access to Latinos brought me pain since I am Latina. If my country won’t accept Hispanics from the outside, they probably don’t accept them on the inside.

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Only those that are like me know the struggle of being born in a country where your people are not accepted. Especially in this political climate where our President is very outspoken on his views on immigration. I can see how they would think borders protect our country, but we need to help those that are struggling outside of our borders. If they want to become Americans we should allow them to as long as they have no felonies and are willing to abide by the American laws. The United States is known for being the melting pot of the world for a reason and Latinos are a necessity for diversity.

Growing up in California I did not feel any discrimination, but other Hispanics are hated on in other parts of the country. I have an uncle in Nebraska who had coffee thrown at him and was told to, “go back to your country!” My uncle was not born in the United States, but he is a resident and wants to become a citizen so he can get into politics.

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I have heard stories from undocumented people and their experiences crossing the border. The most gruesome experience in which I have heard from is from a Houndrous immigrant who lost the majority of their limbs due to, la Bestia, a train that enters Northern America. The train is jumped on by thousands, but only a few hundred make it to the end of the trip. I had a family friend once cross with the cartel and had to withstand beatings from the drug dealers. They have a child and wife to go back home to and risked their life just to reach America. What people don’t understand is that if you are willing to risk your life for a better living situation you should be allowed peacefully into the country. When people ask why they want to enter the United States it is because their countries do not have freedom of speech.

In Borderlands they mention, “…stripping Indians and Mexicans from their land while their feet were still rooted in it.” The Americans stole land from the Native Americans and claimed it there and also booted Mexicans out of California when their homes were there. The government is still separating families and deporting them to countries where they have very little memories of. I hope our Nation realizes the harm they are causing to the Latino community.


Estocada a La Bestia como transporte de migrantes