The Search for a Topic

The spring quarter for Humanities Core has begun and the first topic of discussion is race. Race is a very broad and confusing topic but has caused me to start researching racism events in the United States. The search for a topic for my research paper has been my motivation to write about a certain racist or dehumanizing event in the United States. I have decided to focus around the civil rights movement of the 60s – 70s because that to me is the most interesting part of United States history.

The civil rights movements occurred because the minorities were being negatively affected by the United States Empire and the movements were a way for progression to begin. Of the many movements that occurred during the 60s, I will be focusing on the Chicano Movement. This movement is closer to home for me because I am a daughter of Mexican immigrant parents that work in the fields. Of course, my parents are privileged to be treated with some decency because of Ceasar Chavez’s movement, which caused better working conditions in the fields.

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For my research, I will dive into the timeline of the movement to what sparked it and what came out of it. I have contacted the union that Cesar Chavez created and asked if it is possible to interview either a field worker or a union person that lived during the time of the movement. Fortunately, the Union provided me with a field worker that came through the Bracero Program in the ’60s. The Bracero Program is a system used by farmers to hire immigrants to work on the fields seasonally in the United States. I have not interviewed this individual yet, but will next week with an old union worker. This Union worker was part of the movement as a teenager and saw Cesar Chavez as a father figure. I have gathered this information from the Union caller that referred me to the field worker.

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As a film and media student, I am going to ask permission to produce a multimedia project for both assignments. The possibility of creating a short film for the oral history project of Humanities Core has motivated me to put in a lot more effort into the class cause it actually interests me. Unlike the past Humanities Core papers that bored me and had very little effort put into them, I will produce an eye-catching film. I am thinking of including clips and audio of the interview and animations of what occurred in the past. I will need to keep everything relevant to the prompt and keep the focus of Humanities Core elements. For the research paper instead of writing 8-11 pages, I would like to film a 20 minute or more documentary revolving around my chosen artifact. This chosen artifact will have to correlate with the Chicano movement, which I am still in the search for.

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Maybe while I am doing my interview I can ask the individuals what aspect or artifact I should focus on for the research project. I am very excited to see what I will attain from these projects and how much I am learning about my culture’s past.