Is this blog going to be a rant about my college struggles in my Humanities Core class? I hope this experience can improve my writing ability, since I’m not the best writer, but my career goal is to become a screenwriter. Ironic, right? I like to think that my strongest subjects are English and history, but that’s only because I can’t stand science and math. I want to be one of those people that know equations off the top of their heads, but I can not focus in those classes. Instead of ranting about what I can’t do, let me, Tahis Alcantar, brag about what I can do. I can use my creative side as an advantage against others. One would say, I was an artistic child since I would doodle on every paper I had and convert my English essays to video projects. I am also very lazy, but maybe this is just another quality of mine because it makes me more innovative and determined to finish a project two hours before it is due. Once I wrote a ten-page paper and earned an A, impressive right? Although, I tried it again and received an F, which taught me not to procrastinate on such big projects. Let me inform you I may seem like an uneducated student, but I have passion and determination for subjects that interest me. I grew up with animals and love every one of them, which encouraged me to create an animal protection club in high school. I named the club Paws for a Cause and we raised over one thousand dollars for local animal shelters. My love for animals has influenced my career choice because I want to be a screenwriter but work with the Discovery Channel.

Maybe I can create shows on TLC or Animal Planet that spread awareness of animal cruelty. By the time I graduate, I want to have a major in film and media studies, and anthropology, with a minor in digital filmmaking. With my determination this can be achieved, I want to make my immigrant parents proud because they only had the chance to attend elementarily and gave me the opportunity to enroll in college. Being a visual learner, watching a film is how I learn best and I want to convert lectures to documentaries that are more interesting than listening to a professor lecture for an hour. I mentioned that my parents are immigrants, so you should know that they are from Mexico. This is relevant because I was raised in the Mexican-American culture, which is sometimes a struggle since I’m not fully accepted in America or Mexico. Yes, I am bilingual, but my Mexican family members barely understand my Spanish and at times I barely understand my own English. I ask myself, what dialect do I speak? Only I can understand my thoughts and that’s all that should matter to me, but I want to learn how to translate them on this blog. From reading just the about page, you can probably tell that I need to work on transitions and that my thoughts are random. The way I write is how I speak, which is random. My attention span is really small, but I don’t mind it because I don’t really get bored. I want to gain or improve my writing abilities in this blog and by the time I have to upload my last blog, I hope it sounds like a studious University of California, Irvine student.