Isle of Dogs, a U.S Reality

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   Imperialism: a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through diplomacy or military force. In the stop-motion animated film, Isle of dogs, Mayor Kobayashi is strongly against dogs and sends every dog to Trash Island. He sends his nephew Atari’s beloved dog, Spots, but Atari travels to Trash Island to rescue his best friend. Throughout the film, it follows the journey of Atari in search of Spots and a second plot of dog lovers fighting for the return of their pets. These dog lovers have a small political party known as the Science party, and the majority of the supporters are the younger generation. I wrote imperialism because this movie contains imperialistic actions done by the government, Mayor Kobayashi. This movie relates to the current United States Government and society because the youth are more current with the times and the older generation is not as involved with the new wave of technology and information.

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    The movie begins by telling the history of the Kobayashi family, who are cat lovers that waged war against dogs, but the dogs were saved from a boy warrior. Dogs lived in peace with humans until the breakout of canine influenza, which was contagious and led to the removal of dogs from the city of Megasaki. While the dogs suffer Mayor Kobayashi is doing nothing to save the dogs, but the scientist party is working for a cure and the adolescents are cracking down on theories that Kobayashi is trying to kill dogs. To me, it seems like the older generation who grew up in the war against dogs is pleased with the disappearance of them and are in favor of the re-election of Kobayashi. Even though the leader of the scientist party, Professor Watanabe, has found a cure for canine influenza, Kobayashi does not lift the ban against dogs. This is similar to the U.S Government, for example, scientist keep discovering new information and evidence of global warming, but the U.S leaders refuse to acknowledge it because they think they know more since they’re older.

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    Mayor Kobayashi uses imperialistic tactics to murder Professor Watanabe after putting him under house arrest to avoid spreading the news of the cure. He sends his men to destroy his lab and research. Kobayashi also sends troops with artillery to retrieve his nephew by force from Trash Island. A young protestor, Tracy, discovers that Watanabe created a cure after confronting a scientist who worked with the Professor and rallies other dog lovers to fight against Kobayashi’s re-election. Atari, still on trash island, finds spots and hears horrible news that his uncle has gathered all the dogs in a compound and plans to finally put an end to dogs on his re-election night. Atari works with Spots and other dogs to create a boat and travel back to Megasaki to confront his uncle. Kobayashi’s actions are similar to oil companies bribing Government scientist to release false information on climate change by stating it is imaginary. Or how the NRA “donates,” money to politicians to vote in favor of guns. The Government is undermining the youth by not accepting change or realizing the faults in their actions.

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    Finally, both Tracy and Atari make an entrance to Kobayashi’s reelection night and confront him about all the horrible things he has done, With much shame and loss of honor Kobayashi decides not to kill the dogs and approve the cure. Kobayashi is jailed for the murder of Professor Watanabe and Atari becomes the new Mayor of Megasaki, where dogs and humans leave in peace again. Unfortunately, this is not similar to the United States because the Government fails to recognize their mistakes and tries to suppress any politician with new ideas.

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