Humcore Coming to an End

This is my final blog post for Humanities Core and I will write about my experience throughout the year. During the fall quarter, I heard rumors about how difficult Humanities Core is and wanted to avoid the class as much as possible. Unfortunately, I am a humanities major which means I am forced to take the course.

During the fall quarter, I learned how to analyze images and paintings, which actually interested me. Being able to tell the story or meaning the artist was attempting to portray through the style of their work was somewhat mesmerizing for me. Being able to analyze an image was useful for me and my major, which requires me to find the meaning of films through there visuals.

Thomas Cole painting The Course of Empire: Desolation

When winter quarter came up I was excited to know that we would be learning about Inca and Spanish colonization because as a Latina I would be learning about my history. The winter theme about colonization also gave me a better understanding of the consequences and traumas from being colonized. I was able to read both sides and interpretations of Spanish colonization in South America. Going over Gandhi’s book was eye-opening to Eastern lifestyle and I was able to interpret Britain’s Orientalism in India because of what I learned during the fall quarter.

This spring got more specific with violence and power over specific races and nations. We started off discussing black people’s treatment during the start of the slave trade and now we are currently analyzing Middle Eastern nations and religion. At first, I was a little hesitant to purchase a ticket for the play, Poor Yella Rednecks, but after I watched it I was pleased that it was our assignment because having a live visual about what we were learning gave me a better understanding of the topic. Many students never get the opportunity to see a professional play and having the privilege to watch one was a memorable experience.

My favorite paper throughout Humanities Core has to be the oral history paper because I got to turn in a video instead of a paper. Finally, the class was interesting to me and even better I got to interview someone with who I can relate to. Going into this research project though has been a struggle for me because I didn’t know what to focus on as my artifact. Luckily, I was able to figure out a topic about social media and the pressures of it. I was hoping to create a video with this project as well, but I will probably stick with a paper.

Image result for chicano movement

This course is a lot tougher than expected and stays true to its rumors, but I have learned a lot of skills and techniques that will be necessary for the future. Having a variety of professors kept the class alive because they would have different forms of lecturing. I would encourage incoming freshmen to take the course because it covers a lot of GE’s and will give a true college classroom experience.

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